Help With FTP


Please contact your project manager for a username and password if you do not have one.

When you log in to the FTP you can use:
User name: jfsato\user name
Password: your password

Some computers may have security settings set high, this will keep you from connecting to the FTP site in Internet Explorer. If this happens you will need to check your Internet Explorers Passive FTP setting or install FTP software like Core FTP LE or WinFTP which can be downloaded for free.

Core FTP LE : Free

WinFTP: 30 Day trial

Once the software is installed, using the address and your user name and password, you should have no problems getting into the FTP folders.

Further Information:

We use an "Active Ftp connection"...
This means the response to our server comes over a different port and Internet Explorer, or some security / firewalls don't particularly agree with this protocol.

If you are having trouble accessing the JFSato FTP site:
Please try the following:

In Internet Explorer go to:

Tools->Internet Options->Advanced -under the browsing category find "Enable folder view for FTP sites and make sure it is "checked".

Find "Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL...)" and "uncheck this item click "ok".

Add: to trusted sites in Internet Explorer (IE).
To do this open IE --top menu -->tools -->Internet Options (this opens the internet options window)
Next click -->Security tab -->Trusted Sites(green check-mark)-->Sites Button
Then-->Uncheck the "Require server verification (https:)" box -->type "" into the "Add this Web site to the zone" -->Click the add button --> Click "ok" -->Click "ok" Then try again.

If you are still having problems please check your personal firewall and virus protection settings --- these programs often interfere with FTP: through IE.

If you are still getting an error please try using "3rd party software" such as the examples suggested above.
These programs are specifically designed for FTP protocol and do not have the handicaps that IE is succumbed to.

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